Smart solutions for your workflow.

COTS Configuration

We efficiently configure and customize your LIMS to meet your business objective. Our team of professionals is highly prepared for this!


We help your business comply with regulatory requirements by using solutions that fully understand current standards.


We train your laboratory analysts. Our experience in science and technology gives us valuable insight into what is required to conduct training in your lab.

Project Management

We manage and monitor each step of the project so that everything goes as planned. We know that a successful implementation requires alignment of your business objectives with the development team.

Instrument Integration

We perform laboratory instrument integration using a variety of custom tools and interfaces that include middleware, communication messaging protocols, and custom interfaces.

Data Migration

Together we can define the best data migration strategy for your lab. Our team has in-depth knowledge of applications and their data structures, which ensures more reliable and efficient data migration.


With over 25 years of accumulated experience, we work as a LIMS software innovation partner. Our team of professionals provides a full range of software consulting and engineering services.

The solutions we build help the world’s leading brands transform their businesses, increase revenues, save time and operating costs.





  • Juan Camilo Hernández Pérez

    "The company LIMSTeam has worked in EPM from the compilation of the requirements to the final tests of the flows developed in SampleManager and has been characterized throughout these three years, for being a responsible, reliable company with great technical capacity for development and costumization of Sample Manager. With its invaluable contribution to contributed to avoid errors and solve problems that in the end would be very expensive, both in time and money, for any company and having their services is an advantage and a great added value for any project that is intended to develop."

    Juan Camilo Hernández Pérez
    Profesional - Unidad Operación y Mantenimiento Gestión Aguas Residuales
  • Jesús Aníbal Tabares Saldarriaga

    "LIMSTeam has contributed to us in an efficient and timely manner in the configuration and parameterization of the SampleManager software, also thanking the dissipation to meet our requirements at any time and in a timely manner and being satisfied. It is worth highlighting the great commitment of its Director Ramon Spinassé because everything is fulfilled in an efficient way and with great quality."

    Jesús Aníbal Tabares Saldarriaga
    Unidad Soluciones de TI Operación e Ingenieria del Negocio
  • Christian Vargas Salgar

    "LIMSTeam has contributed to improve the implementation of our clients' needs successfully, through very well designed and structured workflows to meet their expectations. What provides order, organization and new benefits in the future, so that our clients' business models are transformed with LIMS information systems. Additionally, our team has benefited from the good service and quick response to our customers, since they have been satisfied with the solutions provided with the support of LIMSTeam."

    Christian Vargas Salgar
    Consultor funcional LIMS - Soluciones Digitales
  • Sebastián Muñoz H.

    "LIMS Team was a great help during the implementation of SampleManager at our La Negra plant site, Antofagasta, Chile. They were able to respond to our requirements correctly and on time, achieving a good project development. The greatest added value of the LIMS Team was to have adapted our needs to obtain a friendly system for all types of users."

    Sebastián Muñoz H.
    LIMS Administrator